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Main Articles from the Articles of Association of the EAGO.

  • Estonian Association of Gambling Operators, (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”) is a public, voluntary nonprofit organisation of private and legal person employers operating on democratic principles.
  • The activity of the Association is based on the initiation of its founders and members and on their common activities in electing the management for the Association and the elected executives regularly reporting to the members of the Association. After the establishment of the Association the members and sponsors shall promote the activities of the Association.
  • The Association collaborates with governmental, municipal, scientific and cultural institutions, public organisations and private persons in Estonia and other countries.
  • The Association is a legal person in private law, with its own seal and bank accounts. 
  • The Association has its own insignia.
  • The official name of the Association is:

·        In Estonian: Eesti Hasartmängude Korraldajate Liit

·        In English : Estonian Association of Gambling Operators

  • The seat of the Association is the Republic of Estonia.
  • Companies registered in the Republic of Estonia that have valid licenses for gambling management can join the Association:

·        companies organising gambling and similar activities (totalizators, betting, gambling);

·        upon the Management Board`s decision other legal persons recognising the Articles of Association of the Association;

·        organisers of entertainment games;

·        companies with licence to organise lotteries;

·        heducational institutions preparing the necessary personnel for organising gambling and activities mentioned above.

The acceptance decision will be made by the Management Board of the Association on the recommendation of two members

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